6 Ways To Make That Long Distance Relationship Work

Long distance relationships have so many good
sides which are almost as equal to the bad sides.
The positive sides can have a temporary effect
which can make it work for a while but if it drags
on, the negatives begin to come to the fore. This
may make you want to consider cutting of ties for
the sake of your happiness.
It is important to understand how your relationship
is contributing to your happiness and wellbeing.
Ensuring that both you and your partner are
contributing equally and that you both know each
other well enough. Having a solid grasp of each
other is essential as you both are bound to make
changes that inconvenience you as time goes on
in the relationship.
More often than not, it is normal to get used to the
distance in the relationship and you forget that
you can actually live your life in a completely
different way. Thus, the question here is do long
distance relationships really work or are they
doomed from the onset? Let’s look at ways and
things to do to make them work.
Make it real
If you are sure both of you love each other, why
not make it real? If you have tried doing this to no
avail, then it is time to look at what or who is
actually causing the stall.
Perhaps it is because you have some
reservations about your partner. Maybe you don’t
care about them as much as you think you do or
maybe you are scared of commitment. Your fears
might be the clog in the wheel of actualizing
your long distance relationship.
If you are sure you want the relationship, then
find ways to make it work and enjoy yourself
while you’re at it. In all, life is about taking
calculated risks. Avoid making rash decisions that
are based on emotional sentiments. Remember
not to rush things as if they are truly yours,
everything will pan out.
Have you thought of what it takes?
Ask yourself if you are ready to make a life
changing decision such as moving to another
state, leaving behind your job, family and friends.
It could be difficult being in an area where you
know no one and also the effect it is bound to
have on your career.
Would they change their life for you?
If you have thoughts of changing major things in
your life, is your partner ready to do the same? All
major decisions you both want to take must have
inputs from you both. You should discuss the pros
and cons and see each other as equals.
Are you spending all your savings?
If you find out you’re spending all your savings
just to go see them and they aren’t appreciating
you, then it is time to stop and consider if you are
putting more of your heart and money than your
partner is.
There’s quite a thin line between sacrificing for
the relationship and sabotaging yourself. A fine
line between sacrifice and self-sabotage. Your
career lasts a lifetime and you both should
discuss before giving it up for something that is
less fulfilling and pays lesser.
Have you pictured your future with them?
Have you thought of the differences you have and
how your future with them will be? It is important
to know if your lifestyles match regarding
temperament, religion, political views and a host
of other things.
Do you really know them well?
The major problem associated with long distance
relationships is that both persons involved have a
skewed perception of each other and what the
relationship should be like. This creates
unrealistic expectations mostly arising from fancy
stories about how perfect life will be with them.
It’s not until you spend a significant amount time
with your partner before you really get to know
them well.
It is important you see your partner from various
aspects of life and how they relate to life issues
before you commit your life to them.
These questions should help you know how
serious you want to be with them. Long distance
relationships are fun if you both are truthful and
honest about it. The focus should be on helping
each other to create a loving and successful

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