24 Federal Permanent Secretaries For Sack

No fewer than 24 Permanent Secretaries in the
Federal Civil Service are due for sack, The Eagle
Online has learnt.
Multiple sources within the Federal Civil Service and
the Presidency told The Eagle Online that the
permanent secretaries are likely going to receive
their letters of retirement between Monday (today)
and Tuesday(tomorrow).
One of the sources however said the retirement of
the permanent secretaries will certainly be effected
before the inauguration of the incoming ministers.
Beyond seeking to clear the rot in the Federal Civil
Service, it was learnt that no fewer than 24 of the
permanent secretaries are senior in rank to the
recently appointed Head of the Civil Service of the
Federation, Winifred Ekanem Oyo-Ita.
Before her appointment, Oyo-Ita was number 25 on
the nominal roll of the Federal Civil Service.
A Presidency source, however, said because of the
experience of the senior civil servants and the in
order not to create shock within the system, it is
unlikely that large number of top technocrats would
be allowed to go in one fell swoop.

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